Flowers of Easter

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Easter is a celebration of rebirth; it is a symbol for forgiveness for past wrongdoing, and an opportunity to live a better life. For Christians, Easter celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus from dead, and the Resurrection established Jesus as the Son of God.

Easter and the holidays do not fall on a fixed date, instead, the date for Easter is determined on a lunisolar calendar. However, it always falls on Sunday between 22 March and 25 April.

We all celebrate Easter on our own way. Decorating our homes with flowers is one way of doing it. But, choosing  flowers that have a special meaning brings any flower arrangement to a new level.


White Lily

The most traditional symbol of Easter is the white lily. White lily is a symbol of  purity, hope, innocence and new life.

For Christians, lilies also have religious significance from being mentioned in the Bible, both in the Old and New Testaments. White Lily is often called Easter lily.



Irises symbolize the Passion of Christ and Resurrection.



Daises represent innocence, loyalty and gentleness.



White tulips stand for forgiveness, while the purple represent royalty. For Christians, bouquet of white and purple tulips would celebrate the royalty of Jesus Christ.


Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath symbolizes innocence and purity. For Christians, this refers to the purity of Christ.



Azaleas symbolizes womanhood, linking it to the Virgin Mary at Easter. White azaleas is a symbol for purity, purple for royalty and pink for joy.


Which flowers will you choose for your Easter arrangement?