Entertaining at Home – How To Do It


Phase 1 – Make a List

Count Your Guests

Make a list of people you want to invite. This is the right time to think about date and time you would like to have your party. Take a few days to think about the guest list; which friends have what in common, are they mostly single or with spouses and children, what are their hobbies etc. Try to match people with few things in common to ensure a better party spirit.

Send the invitations and wait for people to answer before making a new step with the party organization.

Decide on the Party Theme

Is it going to be a BBQ? Tea party? Disco night? Is it a Christmas party?

Think about Food

When you decide on the party theme, it is time to think about the food you want to serve. Make it easy on yourself, you don’t have to cook a five course menu to impress your guests. Make it simple but delicious.

Pair Food with Beverages

Decide on what beverages will go well with the food you are serving. Remember if any of your guest have any preferences and try to meet them.


Choose music most of the guests will like but have in mind that not everybody have the same taste and that is okay.

What you have and what you need

Have an inventory of your pantry, fridge, freezer, party decoration, cutlery and crockery etc. to make sure you buy what you need.


Phase 2 – Shopping

Shop for food

Go for grocery shopping on time to prevent any panic attack.

Shop for beverages

Bring all the beverages you plan to serve home, so you have enough time to cool them.

Shop for decoration/crockery/cutlery

Stock on cutlery and crockery. There is nothing worse then missing “that one plate” when is time to serve dinner. And even if you have enough of everything, never hurts to have few extras because accidents are always possible, especially if you have young children at the party.

Buy decorations too, like flowers or balloons on time so you can arrange the table or serving stations stress free and without hurry.


Phase 3 – Preparation

Cook and chill

It’s time. Cook food and chill drinks.

Set a table

While dinner is cooking, arrange the table, decorate space, prepare chosen music.

Glam up

Don’t forget about yourself. Take a shower and get ready for the party.


Phase 4 – Relax and enjoy

Everything is great; the space is looking nice, food is ready, music is playing, your guests arrived. Everything is perfect and it is time for you to relax and have a great time after all this work.